Facilitating Excellence through Scholarly Inquiry and the Creation of Knowledge


Thank you for your interest in registering for the UTSA Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry Showcase. The UTSA community looks forward to learning about your work!

If you have questions, please contact:
Donovan Fogt, PhD
Director, Office of Undergraduate Research
Plaza Norte Building, Room 2.130L


This annual event will showcase hundreds of undergraduate student research and creative endeavors from across campus. The event is meant to increase visibility of and participation in undergraduate scholarly endeavors across all areas of academic inquiry. Such scholarly experiences enhance learning by complementing classroom-based instruction, provide real-life, hands-on experience in student’s field of interest, and offer development of critical and independent thinking, creativity, and problem solving.

Eligibility For Participation

If you meet one of the eligibility criteria, you are welcome to register and present at the event. Eligibility criteria are:
  1. A current UTSA undergraduate student who completed or is currently working on or will be working on (proposals for future scholarly activity with a faculty mentor are welcome)
  2. A recent UTSA graduate who completed the research/project in summer 2014 or fall 2014

Registration Process

Registration deadlines are:
Registration deadline Invitations to present will be sent to students from O.U.R.**
April 17, 2015 (5pm) Invitations will be sent to new registrants weekly starting April 3rd.
**If you register, please assume you will be invited to present. The official invitations will let you know where and what time you are expected to present your work.

Completed registration forms will be reviewed by the O.U.R. director who will make the final invitations.

Presentation Formats

Most students will present using a poster presentation format. However, exceptions are welcome. Alternate presentation formats (for example: a musical performance, exhibition of art or model, recital, multimedia, etc.) may require additional resources from the O.U.R. so please fill out the online registration form carefully and communicate your special requests to the O.U.R. as soon as possible.

  • If you already have a poster for your work, you are encouraged to use it for this event! The online registration form will ask for the dimensions of your poster so that the O.U.R. may assign you to a presentation stand that will accommodate your poster.
  • You are encouraged to use the O.U.R. poster template (see link to file located below). Your faculty supervisor/instructor/advisor/mentor can help you translate your work into a poster format, as can the O.U.R., the UTSA Library, and the UTSA Writing Center.

Poster suggestions:

  1. The template has suggested sections but you can change any of these you want to best present your work.
  2. The font size and color on the template is appropriate for this size poster. You may change as needed, of course.
  3. Add visuals such as flowcharts, timelines, graphs, charts, pictures, etc. to help the audience visualize what you have done. No one wants to read and read and read and read…
  4. Show the audience what you did, why you did it, what scholarly outcome (findings, creation, work of art, etc.) resulted, and discuss the outcome within the scope of your field of study and beyond, if applicable.
  5. You might have an abbreviated "References Cited" section with select works listed.

Note: You are the best judge as to what poster elements are needed to explain your work to a diverse cross-section of UTSA audience members. Please feel free to be creative with the provided poster template!

Service Learning

This year an Engaged Scholarship Poster Contest (with monetary awards) will be held in collaboration with the UTSA Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry Showcase. Students who are presenting relevant research as described below are encouraged to submit posters using the community-based research and/or service-learning projects template. These posters should demonstrate how the work has resulted in real impact(s) upon the community. Qualifying projects could include, but are not limited to: a community based research project, a service-learning course project, unpaid internship project with a community-based organization or public sector agency, or philanthropic/outreach project of a course or independent study. Visit the following site for more information: http://www.utsa.edu/community/cce/


The O.U.R. expects you to remain be ready to present at your assigned location and time (provided to you in the invitation to be sent April 7th) and to remain at your assigned presentation location for the duration of the session. Should you have a class conflict or need to leave for a minute or two, the O.U.R. understands. Contact the O.U.R. for a letter that may help your course instructors understand why this experience should be considered worthy of an excused absence. However, the O.U.R. cannot guarantee a faculty will agree to excuse you. So please plan accordingly.

Some academic colleges or programs will be judging presentations by their students. You will need to be present to be judged. Please contact your college or program director for more information.

The more audience members you interact with, the more experience you will get from the event!!!


Please have the information listed and described below ready to enter prior to starting the online registration form. Enter all information as accurately as possible to avoid a delay in review of your registration.

Project Title, Abstract (or Summary), and Keywords

You will need to provide a tentative title (you can change the title after registration if need be) and an abstract (or "summary") of your project that you plan to present. You will also be asked to provide 2 different key words that best reflect the topic of your project.

Please write your abstract/summary so that someone who is not in your discipline will understand your work. The registration form will limit your abstract/summary to 200 words. Note that images and graphs or tables may not upload correctly and should not be used.

Consider including the following sections where applicable to your abstract/summary:
  1. Brief background/introduction
  2. Research Question you addressed
  3. Hypotheses tested
  4. Brief description of your methodology
  5. Brief description of findings, or results, or outcome, or work created, etc.
  6. Significance of Results to your discipline and beyond

Note: You are the best judge as to what abstract/summary elements are needed to explain your work to a diverse cross-section of UTSA audience members. Please feel free to add or remove elements as needed.

Other Application Items

You will be asked to enter some basic information on the online registration form. The OUR only considers this information for internal (UTSA) reporting purposes only. Your name or id number will not be included in any reporting information.

***Note: Registration forms which do not contain complete and correct information will not be considered until complete. It is your responsibility to ensure all items are entered correctly and on time.***