Office of Undergraduate Research


Promoting Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research compliments and enhances the effectiveness of classroom learning at UTSA.

Where Undergraduate Research Thrives

Undergraduate research presents a transformational educational experience for students at UTSA. Learning outside the lecture halls and labs has an unparalleled impact on undergraduate students, and at UTSA this has promoted a thirst for discovery that has led to post-graduate study and entrepreneurship for our students.

Following are a few more of the numerous benefits of undergraduate research:

  • Cultivate relationships with faculty, graduate students, administrators, and members of students’ field of interest at UTSA and beyond
  • Increases retention and enrollment in advanced education and provides effective career preparation
  • Develops an understanding of research methodology and academic inquiry
  • Promotes an innovation-oriented culture, exploring academic interests beyond the classroom
  • Acquire real life, hands-on experience that is used in students’ field of interest
  • Develop academic/professional credentials and skills
  • Demonstrate successful grant writing skills
  • Helps define or, in some cases, redefine, students’ academic and career goals
  • Personal benefits such as responsibility, maturity, confidence, ethics
  • Development as a critical and independent thinking, creativity, and problem solving

We encourage UTSA students that are interested in pursuing participation in undergraduate research to contact the Office of Undergraduate Research at 210.458.8227 for more information and guidance.