UTSA Limited Submission Process

Sponsoring agencies occasionally limit the number of applications the University may submit for specific grants and awards. When a call for proposals is "limited", the Office of Vice President for Research uses an internal selection process to determine which application(s) will be submitted to the sponsor for funding consideration. Limited submission grants are considered institutional and should demonstrate benefits to UTSA.

We strive to ensure that the process for selecting these proposals is transparent, fair, and does not overburden the researcher or reviewers charged with selecting the most competitive proposals to represent the university.

I.      Identification and Notification of Opportunities

The Office of Research Support (ORS) monitors the release of as many limited submission opportunities as possible and strives to announce those most relevant to UTSA well in advance of the sponsor deadline. A list of the limited submission opportunities that the ORS is actively monitoring with their associated internal deadlines is available here.

Anyone who wishes to apply for external funding is responsible for reviewing the program guidelines to determine institutional limitations. When a limited submission solicitation is identified that has not been announced or listed on our website, potential applicants should contact limitedsubmissions@utsa.edu as soon as possible so that the ORS can review the guidelines, establish a timeline for an internal competition, and post the opportunity.

II.      Internal Email of Intent

Once a limited submission opportunity of interest has been identified, the ORS will review the guidelines and create an internal competition timeline. The timeline will be posted to the Limited Submission Proposal Opportunities webpage. Faculty who wish to be considered for a specific program must submit an Internal Email of Intent with a list of key personnel and project title to limitedsubmissions@utsa.edu by the specified due date. The Internal Email of Intent is required.

If the number of notices of intent exceeds the number of applications allowed, an internal competition must take place, and the ORS will notify potential applicants to prepare internal proposals. If the allowable number is not exceeded, the ORS will notify interested applicants to proceed with their proposal submission(s).

III.      Submission of Internal Proposals

The interested applicants will submit an internal proposal via the online Limited Submission Application Form.
The online application form includes:

  1. Biographical Sketch or two (2) page CV for all Key Personnel
  2. Abstract- Limited to 2,000 characters including spaces
  3. Project Description- Limited to two (2) pages, single spaced, 1 inch margins, no smaller than Arial 11pt. The Description should address significance, innovation, and approach, within the specific context of the funding agency guidelines. In your Project Description, please include existing resources/capabilities/previous experience that will make the proposal competitive. Occasionally applicants will be instructed to address additional topics of particular relevance to the funding agency within the Project Description.

Upon submission, the online Limited Submission Application Form will be automatically forwarded to the Office of Research Support, along with the Principal Investigator’s respective Associate Dean for Research, Department Chair, and RSC Director.

Occasionally, the ORS will organize an in-person review panel for high-profile opportunities, such as center grants or other broad-impact programs. In such instances, the ORS will notify applicants in advance of the modified process and guidelines for panel presentations to be prepared in lieu of written concept papers.

IV.      Review & Scoring

The review panel will be identified once the Internal Emails of Intent have been received. The ORS and Associate Deans for Research identify a review panel drawn from UTSA faculty based on the key personnel identified in the Internal Email of Intent to ensure appropriate expertise is represented and no conflicts of interest exist.

Limited Submission Review Criteria

Using the scoring matrix form, the Limited Submission Review Panel will score the applications and will include feedback with recommendations to the Assistant Vice President for Research Support. Reviewers will consider five review criteria:

  1. Significance
  2. Investigators
  3. Innovation
  4. Approach
  5. Responsiveness to the Request for Proposals (RFP)

V.      Selection Notification

The tabulated scores will be forwarded to the faculty with feedback from the reviewers.
Please note the following award conditions:

  1. Given that this is an institutional application, any change related to the PI’s must be approved by the respective Dean of the College and the Office of Research Support. If you are selected to submit a full proposal and are unable to, please notify limitedsubmissions@utsa.edu immediately.
  2. Mandatory cost sharing forms must be processed in advance of the deadline and should reflect matching funds obtained from the PI, Department, College and the Office of the Vice President of Research.
  3. The Office of the Vice President of Research has implemented a 5/2 day rule which requires proposals be routed through their respective Research Service Center at least five days prior to the agency deadline. Furthermore, proposals which are multidisciplinary require greater routing lead time and proposals involving space or facilities require 30 days advanced routing to the appropriate Research Service Center.

VI.       Full proposal development

The Office of Research Support provides customized proposal development support services for large, multidisciplinary funding proposals that are aligned with UTSA’s Accelerate 2025: Framework for Top Tier Research. Please see Multidisciplinary Proposal Development Services for more information.

VII.      Full proposal submission to agency

The Research Service Centers are responsible for the review, endorsement, and submission of proposals on behalf of the University. Proposals for sponsored projects must be routed and submitted through a Research Service Center.