UTSA Funding Opportunities

  • Research Opportunities on Cibolo Preserve
  • Faculty from UTSA and their students can now ask for approval for access, for research purposes only, to the Cibolo Preserve, a 500 acre tract just east of Boerne in south central Kendal County. The land is notable for its beauty, variety of flora and fauna, geological features and areas of archeological interest. The land is bisected by a creek with sections on the floodplain of the creek and recent alluvium on adjacent terraces of the creek. The most unique geological feature is a narrow canyon through a large exposure of caprinid reef.

    The Office of Vice President for Research is currently working with Cibolo Preserve trustees to present suggested projects for research and learning for the spring and fall of 2013. UTSA, in an effort to aid their researchers, is offering up to $3000 per project to help defray student researcher support, supplies and equipment.

    If you are interested in a morning visit to the preserve please call Jaclyn Shaw at (210) 458-6767 or e-mail at jaclyn.shaw@utsa.edu.

    Additional information, a brochure and an approval request form, for UTSA personnel only, are available at: http://research.utsa.edu/cibolo/.

    Please submit your applications as soon as possible.