Accelerate 2030

Accelerate 2030


The Office of Research has undertaken its next Strategic Plan as staff and key stakeholders created the division’s next ten-year strategic plan. This document was conceived through collaboration and in-depth discussions across all levels of faculty and leadership and represents what can be achieved by working together.

A Hispanic thriving research institution with global impact:
A bold new destination

Deemed “Accelerate 2030”, this document is the next iteration of its previous planning deliverable in advancing this strategic planning process for the knowledge enterprise. Released in 2014, Accelerate 2025 was retired in 2019 as our division reached all of its goals ahead of schedule, well ahead of the original target date of 2025.

Defined Pathways

Human Capital Development  
  • Enhance faculty and research staff cluster hiring initiatives
  • Increase STARs and other faculty hiring program applications
  • Create research administration leadership pathways for staff and faculty
  • Build training and outreach to increase external joint appointments, sabbaticals and intergovernmental personnel agreements
Student and Postdoctoral Research  
Outreach and Engagement  
Research Infrastructure  
Transformative Research Programs  
Innovation and Economic Development  
Global Reach  
Scholarly Excellence  

To foster broad inclusion, the teams focused on convergence, diversity, entrepreneurship, and societal impact as they collected and shaped the pathways. The Office of Research engaged the UTSA community for feedback in further developing Accelerate 2030. Campus participation was crucial as the strategic plan was shaped to transform UTSA’s research community and innovation ecosystem in the next ten years.

The goal has been to be nationally recognized as a research-focused university benefiting local and regional communities while having global relevance and impact. This recognition has been acknowledged with the institution being classified Carnegie R1 and becoming NRUF eligible in 2022. With Accelerate 2030, the knowledge enterprise will continue to grow and thrive with the pathways created.

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