Payroll Confirmation Report

Welcome to the UTSA Sponsored Project Payroll Confirmation Report website. Payroll Confirmation is a process mandated by the federal government in accordance with Uniform Guidance CFR 200.430 to verify that direct labor charges to, or cost shared on, sponsored projects are accurate, timely, and are reasonable for the work performed.

Note: Payroll Confirmation application is available 24/7 from any computer with an Internet connection.

  • Payroll Confirmation is done twice a year to cover the periods from (1) September through February and (2) March through August.
  • Payroll Confirmation period is now open for Principal Investigator(PI) to review, complete, confirm and submit a payroll confirmation statement.

Direction for PIs:

  • This link will direct you to Payroll Confirmation Application
  • You’ll arrive at a login screen, please enter credentials using your UTSA ID (abc123) and your email password.
  • Second screen will display name, position, department, certification period and report status.
  • ‘Sponsored Project payroll report’ will appear at the center of the second page.
  • On your Payroll Report, you need to verify payroll details of employees paid from your projects and their allocation percentage(Salary from Project/Total Salary in that certification period).
  • For each project you can approve or deny(if you don’t agree with payroll information on the project) and click submit to register your response.
  • If approve all then congratulations you are done, if you deny any payroll information on the report then your Research Service Center will in touch with you to address the concern.


What is it?  

The Sponsored Project Payroll Confirmation Report system uses payroll (HCM002) data. All salaries charged on sponsored projects including hourly salaries are captured. The data is compiled in to payroll reports for PIs. They can accept or deny the salaried shown in the report. The action taken by PI on Payroll Report is important as it certifies whether salaries charges on sponsored projects are accurate and reasonable for the work performed on a project.

How can I log in?  
What is included in a payroll report?  
What actions can I take as a PI?  
How many certification periods are there in a year?  
When is Payroll Report open for review, and how often?  
Who can certify my payroll report?  

If you have questions about the Payroll Confirmation process, or suggestions for additional information you would like to see on this website, please contact your Post Award Administrator at