Internal Seed Grant Programs

The Office of Research, through the Office of Research Partnerships & Strategy (RPS), administers many annual internal funding opportunities, or “seed grants.” Further information about seed grant opportunities is provided below. For questions or further information about any programs listed below, please contact

Note: The NOI deadline listed below is a separate and distinct process from notification for application development and approval before submission.

The FY 2025 Seed Grant Programs have upcoming deadlines where the 15/5 rule applies. To help faculty meet this requirement we have extended seed grant program deadlines. Please see the new deadlines below and in the respective RFPs.

Currently Open Programs

Faculty Travel Support Program  

FY 25 Faculty Travel Support Program (August 2024 – July 1, 2025)

Eligible: Active, tenured, tenure-track, and FTT faculty at UTSA are eligible for one (1) award per fiscal year.*

The Office of Research Faculty Travel Support Program aims to facilitate travel that enables research faculty to (a) meet with program officers at granting agencies in pursuit of specific research and professional development opportunities geared towards enhancing UTSA’s research portfolio, (b) present research findings at conferences and other scholarly meetings or (c) engage in other scholarly research-related travel with clearly articulated objectives and outcomes.

For FY25, additional application materials will be required based on the scope of submission.

*Please review the full program guidance for additional eligibility and application material information before submitting to InfoReady.

Currently Closed Programs

Grant for Research Advancement and Transformation (GREAT)  
Internal Research Awards (INTRA)  
Transdisciplinary Teams Program (T2)  
Connecting Researchers through Partnerships (Connect)  
The MAC-UTSA Collaborative Seed Funding Grant  
Brain Health Consortium Collaborative Seed Grant (BHC CSG)  
Cancer Moonshot Pilot Projects  

More Programs

Faculty from UTSA and their students can now ask for approval for access, for research purposes only, to the Cibolo Preserve, a 500-acre tract just east of Boerne in south central Kendal County. The land is notable for its beauty, variety of flora and fauna, geological features, and areas of archeological interest. UTSA, to aid their researchers, is offering up to $3000 per project to help defray student researcher support, supplies, and equipment. If you are interested in a morning visit to the preserve please contact: (210) 458-8228.

View the Cibolo Preserve Brochure (PDF) for more information.


Previously Funded Projects

Year Name Department Amount Details
FY18 Brian Laub Environmental Science & Ecology



Evaluation of Estrogen Concentrations in Cibolo Creek

Aquatic Habitat Mapping in Cibolo Creek Preserve and Nature Center

FY18 Jeffrey Hutchison Environmental Science & Ecology Acoustic Bat Activity at Cibolo Preserve
FY17 Vikram Kapoor Civil & Environmental Engineering Fecal Source Tracking in the Cibolo Preserve Using Molecular Tools
FY15 Janis Bush Environmental Science & Ecology $1,500 A Comparison of Small Mammals in three Habitats at the Cibolo Preserve
FY15 Yongli Gao Geological Sciences $3,000 Surface and SubSurface Karst Feature Surveying and Mapping
FY14 Kathryn Brown Anthropology $3,000 TBD – Dr. Brown may not continue the project this fall. Dr. Brown’s graduate student is currently processing all GIS data that was collected last year.
FY14 Janis Bush Environmental Science & Ecology $3,000 Dr. Bush continued to research Post Oaks.
FY14 Yongli Gao Geological Sciences $3,000 Dr. Gao is investigating groundwater and surface water interaction in Cibolo Creek. Environmental and artificial tracers will be used to investigate surface water and groundwater interactions.
FY14 Alexis Godet Geological Sciences $3,500 Dr. Godet studied linking rudist repartition to paleoenvironmental conditions: Evidence from the Glen Rose Rudist reef, Herffs Falls, Cibolo Preserve.
FY12 Jyotsna Sharma-Srinivasan Biology $3,000 Dr. Sharma-Srinivasan conducted a baseline study of invertebrates at two stations in Cibolo Creek that are downstream and
FY12 Afamia El-Nakat Environmental Science/TSERI $3,000 Dr. El-Nakat conducted a comparative analysis of soil moisture content through soil enhancement for the reduction of desertification
FY11 Xiaofeng Liu Civil Engineering $3,000 Dr. Liu conducted research on Cibolo Creek water flow accounting inside the Cibolo Preserve.
FY10 Hatim Sharif Civil Engineering $3,000 Dr. Sharif studied hydrometeorological processes in semi-arid environments.
FY09 Hatim Sharif Civil Engineering $3,000 Dr. Sharif measured the water flow after rainfall events to estimate runoff from the catchment area.
FY09 Daniel Gonzalez Architecture $3,000 Dr. Gonzalez studied the development and design of architectural spaces within the natural environment that will serve as educational and research spaces.
FY09 Jamon Halvaksz Antrhopology $3,000 Dr. Halvaksz conducted archival research and interviews regarding the use and management of the Cibolo Preserve. Research documented changes in the use of land practices, human-environment interactions, and archival records of the same.
FY09 Alan Dutton Geological Sciences $3,000 Dr. Dutton researched hydrogeophysics investigation of the contributing watershed of the Fern Bank Springs to map subsurface karst features and provide data for a better understanding of the subsurface hydrological processes that control groundwater flow, recharge, and discharge in a karst setting.
FY09 Janis Bush Geological Sciences $3,000 Dr. Bush conducted a research study on Post Oak Community Structure, Function, Dynamics, and Potential Controlling Factors in Central Texas.