Targeted Scholarly Awards

Programs, Memberships & Recognitions for Faculty

In August 2018, President Taylor Eighmy launched a Presidential Initiative on Research Excellence. Faculty awards are one of the priorities for this initiative. As such, the Office of Research offers an incentive for faculty who earn the awards and recognitions listed below.

Incentive Eligibility & Instructions

  • Review the list of awards and other recognitions that are eligible below.
  • If selected, please send a copy of the official notification to to initiate the salary supplement process.
  • Watch for your one-time, taxable, $5,000 salary supplement in the April pay period (issued May 1) for awards/recognitions received September – February or the October pay period (issued Nov.1) for awards/recognitions received March-August.
  • Must be employed at UTSA to receive this incentive.
  • This program will be reviewed annually. If NRUF or CMUP requirements are revised mid-year, additional opportunities may be considered for inclusion in this program.
Questions related to this opportunity should be directed to:
Listing and Deadlines of Targeted Scholarly Awards