FAQ for Oversight & Management of Research Expenditures

Research involves a systematic and critical investigation that results in new knowledge with the purpose of improving an aspect of life. The guidance provided here is for frequently asked questions regarding the oversight and management of expenditures incurred during a research investigation that is sponsored by an external funding agency.


What is a research expenditure?  

For an item to be counted as a research expense, the Project ID or cost center has to be pre-assigned as a research classification (See HOP 10.12 Sponsored Project Administration). They also must meet the requirements noted below for sponsored projects and gifts.

When can sponsored research project expenses be counted as research expenditures?  
When can gift expenses be counted as research expenditures?  
When is an expense not allowed to be counted as a research expenditure?  
Which personnel collaborate to ensure research expenditures are properly coded and expended?  
What is the spending priority if multiple eligible funding sources are available?  
How can UTSA research administration personnel help ensure complete reporting of all research expenditures?  
How are UTSA research expenditures reported and audited?