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Electronic Lab Notebooks


UTSA Research is pleased to announce the launch of LabArchives, LLC, Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) software. With LabArchives, UTSA faculty and researchers can:

  • Easily create, store, share and manage your research data
  • Interconnect all your lab data and image files to your observations and notes
  • Eliminate the loss or mishandling of research data
  • Have control over access to data in notebooks and prevent unauthorized copying and export of data by lab personnel or others

LabArchives is available at no cost to UTSA Faculty, Research Staff, Postdocs, & Students
Plus there is no limit on data storage space

LabArchives addresses the obligations UTSA must meet to securely store federally funded research data. It preserves all data entries and retains revision histories for all entries and pages.

With LabArchives, UTSA is equipped to protect intellectual property- every entry is name, date, and time stamped. Pages can be “frozen” with both PI and witness signatures. This documentation also helps faculty and administration respond to allegations of misconduct. LabArchives will provide our research community with multiple tools, integrations, and functionalities to enhance research including, for example, archives of lab meeting notes, and a chemical inventory tool.

It's easy to get started with LabArchives in your research or instruction laboratory. Click on the box below to go to LabArchives, and select UTSA as your institution. You will be automatically redirected to the UTSA login screen. Sign in using your UTSA credentials (username and password).

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LabArchives works with the following browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari, however, it does NOT support Internet Explorer

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