Office of Sponsored Project Administration
Contracts & Industry Agreements

Our Mission and Philosophy

Contracting staff within the Office of Sponsored Project Administration (OSPA) facilitates and supports the UTSA sponsored projects and research enterprise by drafting, negotiating, and executing a variety of contracts and agreements, including the following:

Affiliation Agreements; Confidential Disclosure Agreements; Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs); Consortium Agreements; Limited Use Agreements; Material Transfer Agreements; Memorandum of Agreement; Memorandum of Understanding; Non-Disclosure Agreements; Product Supplier Agreements; Proprietary Information Exchange Agreements; Research Breeding Agreements; Security Assessment Agreements; Service Agreements (tied to sponsored program accounts--"26" accounts); Sponsored Research Agreements; Teaming Agreements; Testing Agreements; Subcontracts.

OSPA helps facilitate UTSA's mission in areas of technology transfer, commercialization, and university-industry partnerships by increasing the depth and success of partnerships with private companies and units of government. The contracting staff works with the research service centers to ensure seamless and high quality work for faculty and staff. OSPA plays an important role in increasing sponsored projects/research funding while executing contracts promptly.

As an important agent of increasing sponsored project and research funding, OSPA works in close coordination with faculty, academic units, and other university offices, including the Office of Research Integrity (ORI).

The contracting staff in SPA does not handle procurement/vendor contracts. Those are handled by the Procurement Contracts Office, located