Research Interest Groups

Research Interest Groups

The Office of Research sponsors and manages research interest groups (RIGs) to provide a forum for UTSA researchers from across disciplines and the extended research community to work collaboratively on emerging transdisciplinary fields in academia.

RIG members represent colleges and departments from all corners of UTSA and include community-based organizations and industry partners in the San Antonio region to conduct innovative research on specific topics, and to seek funding opportunities to support new ideas and investigations.

Research Interest Groups (RIGs) help connect faculty researchers to collaborate in interdisciplinary teams. RIGs meet once a month and are self-governing with management support from UTSA Research.

If you would like to join one of the current RIGs listed below, please complete this brief survey

If you would like to propose the establishment of a new RIG or would like further information on existing RIGs, please contact Dr. Siobhan Fleming, Sr. Director for Faculty Development, in UTSA Research.

For specific information about any RIG, please feel free to reach out to the faculty leads listed below.

Social and Environmental Challenges in Latin America  

Faculty Lead: Jason Yaeger (Anthropology)

This group examines complex dynamics that connect culture, society and institutions with changing climate and environmental conditions. This nexus brings together researchers from a wide range of fields including social sciences, environmental sciences and engineering, and humanities, as well as education, policy and development studies.

Quantum Information Science and Engineering (QISE)  
Human Performance  
Community Solutions RIG  
Climate RIG  
Disabilities RIG  
Data Science RIG  
Internet of Things (IoT) RIG  
Space Travel, Exploration, and Planetary Science (STEPS) RIG