Hazardous Waste Management

Hazardous waste disposal is governed by the EPA and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) through State and Federal regulations. The purpose of environmentally sound disposal methods is to prevent harm to the water, land, and air. The Hazardous Materials Management Division is responsible for managing Chemical, Biological, and Universal waste under the Solid Waste Rules. Chemical waste is regulated by 40 CFR 261and the Texas rules 30 TAC 335). Universal waste is managed under 40 CFR 273) and 30 TAC 335.262). Biological waste is regulated by the Texas Department of State Health Services). All waste generated at UTSA facilities will be collected and managed under the Hazardous Waste and Biological Management Safety Plans. Radiation waste is regulated by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Policies & Standards

The University of Texas at San Antonio is a "Large Quantity Generator" of hazardous waste and as such is registered through EPA and TCEQ with its unique Generator Registration I.D.s. Hazardous Materials Management will assist any department in determining its hazardous waste disposal needs and manage them according to their requirements.

Generators are responsible for following the University waste management protocols and ensuring that all waste generators are properly trained in management of their hazardous waste. Hop 10.16 Hazardous Waste Management Program provides guidelines for the administration of UTSA’s Hazardous Waste Management Program.


Removal of Hazardous Waste


HMM will provide standardized 2 ½ gallon polypropylene hazardous waste containers for liquid waste on a one-for-one swap. If additional containers are needed, waste generators can submit their request via BioRaft.

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Sharp Containers  
Universal Waste  
Penalties of Noncompliance  
Submitting Waste Request  

Contact Staff

Richard M. Garza
Hazardous Waste Manager
P: (210) 458-5808
Keith Slater
Hazardous Waste Specialist II
P: (210) 458-5808
Luke Salazar
Hazardous Waste Specialist I
P: (210) 458-6698