Strategic Research Development

Strategic Research Development

The Office of Strategic Research Development (SRD) supports a wide range of services for faculty, students, and the research community. Programs and Initiatives include:

  • Strategic Research Development
    • Jaclyn Shaw
  • Seed Grant Programs, Congressional Outreach & University Rankings
    • Ana Laredo
  • Centers & Institutes (C&I)
    • Siobhan Fleming
  • Strategic Research Initiatives, Cluster Hiring
    • Daniel Riechers
  • Proposal Support & Targeted Awards (Capture Management)
  • External Partnership Development

Complete SRD Directory

SRD also organizes the Research External Advisory Committee (REAC); Transdisciplinary Research Council (TRC), The San Antonio Military Health System and Universities Forum (SURF), and UTSA’s involvement in the San Antonio Life Sciences Institute and the San Antonio Partnership for Precision Therapeutics.

Teams within SRD:
  • Strategic Research Initiatives
  • Faculty Development
  • Research Engagement
  • Research Marketing and Communications

UTSA’s Research Portal provides access to Academic Analytics, a comprehensive tool to manage research profiles, and Faculty Insight, a database of public and private funding opportunities and potential collaborators that span discipline, campus location, and academic age.