UTSA Research Cores

Research Cores

Our Core Facilities provide access to highly specialized services such as instruments, technologies, and scientific consultation. Delivered by experienced staff with expertise in designing, conducting experiments and analyzing data to meet the needs of our research community and fulfill our research mission.

iLab Access

iLab Operations Software

UTSA uses the iLab Operations Software (iLab) to manage instrumentation bookings, service requests, and billing. This software provides a unified interface for our research community to use scientific resources offered by our institutional Research Core Facilities. Through the iLab interface, PIs and their Researchers can request/manage equipment reservations and service requests, track work of existing projects, handle billing and invoices, and report financials for usage within or across our listed core facilities.

If there are general questions about iLab, please contact 


Register for Access

UTSA / UT-System  

New User Access

  1. Please navigate to the UTSA iLab Homepage
  2. Select the Sign-Up/Login buttons [top-right] to register with your myUTSA ID (abc123) credentials.
  3. Fill out the iLab registration fields in the next registration window.

Non Principal Investigators 

  1. Select your PI Group/Lab association and verify your contact information.
  2. The PI and Lab Manager will receive a notification that you have requested a membership to the Group/Lab.
  3. Before you can use core facility resources, your PI/Lab Manager will need to:
    1. Approve your membership
    2. Assign/activate funds to your account (Speedtypes=Project ID/Cost Center)

Principal Investigators

  1. Select your PI Group from the dropdown. If your account is not listed, select “PI-Not Listed (UTSA) Lab” and UTSA iLab Support Team will contact you to create your Group/Lab account.
  2. Navigate to Left Menu bar > My Groups >Member Request & Funds tab
  3. Click the checkboxes under the “Manage Speedtypes“ section to assign funds for each lab member and set Default Speedtype. PIs with a Project ID assigned in PeopleSoft will see these fund numbers (speedtypes) automatically populated to your Group Account. PIs using Cost Centerssuch as Start-Up, Cost-shares, or Department Funds should contact their BSC team to send a confirmation email to for fund approval in iLab.
External Users  

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