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The UTSA Office of Research works with sponsors to create research partnerships that deliver with flexibility and integrity. Whether it is a long-term multi-million dollar project or a more modest short-term exploration, UTSA offers access to exceptional faculty researchers, students, and facilities.

We have a number of strategic partners and sponsors who are integral to our research enterprise with a number of them embedded on campus, working directly with our faculty and students on research project, impacting the local, state, and federal level.

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Partnership Opportunities

UTSA School of Data Science

The first of its kind in Texas, the UTSA School of Data Science connects and co-locates UTSA’s talent and resources in cyberscience, data science, and data management into one powerful new school. The school’s location in the heart of San Antonio provides government, industry, and community partners access to UTSA’s nationally recognized programs and expertise.

UTSA’s School of Data Science answers the national call for a highly skilled workforce to fill growing needs in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, big data and data analytics, business intelligence, and digital asset management. Collaboration across these distinct disciplines will foster radical innovation to address critical challenges.

Research Interest Groups (RIGs)

The Office of Research sponsors and manages Research Interest Groups (RIGs) to provide a forum for UTSA researchers from across disciplines and the extended research community to work collaboratively on emerging transdisciplinary fields in academia.

RIG members represent colleges and departments from all corners of UTSA and include community-based organizations and industry partners in the San Antonio region to conduct innovative research on specific topics, and to seek funding opportunities to support new ideas and investigations.

Research Centers & Institutes

The Research Centers & Institutes at UTSA are cross-disciplinary collaborations within the University that sponsor research that informs public policy, builds cultural understanding, improves medical care, enhances scientific knowledge, and often advances economic development. With 32 research centers and institutes on campus, there are ample opportunities to collaborate with researchers on projects and initiatives.

Disciplines include national security, cyber, cloud, AI, policy (all aspects including a focus on civic, disenfranchised, and border), advanced and cyber manufacturing, sustainable energy, water, extreme environments, archelogy, cultural substantiality, urban planning and resilience, brain health, neurosciences, drug discovery, regenerative medicine, cellular and precision therapeutics, infectious disease, demographic and socioeconomic research, health disparities, and all aspects of education (including research, design, evaluation, program implementation, and collaboration), with a particular focus on urban education, engineering, and the sciences.

National Security Collaboration Center

Launched in 2019, the UTSA National Security Collaboration Center (NSCC) is a powerful ecosystem in which over 60 government, industry, and academia partners join forces to tackle challenges to national security.

The NSCC advances research, education, and workforce development focused in the areas of cyber security, data analytics, cloud computing, and electromagnetic spectrum defense, including advanced wireless technologies. There are opportunities for collaboration on research projects (short- and long-term); infrastructure investment; faculty consultations; student internships and externships.

Corporate and Foundation Engagement

Located in the Development division, the Office of Corporate and Foundation Engagement (CFE) works closely with UTSA Research and serves as the single point of entry for companies, foundations, and industry professionals seeking access to university resources. In collaboration with campus partners, CFE seeks to transform the partnership model at UTSA, by holistically coordinating and guiding UTSA’s industry and foundation relationships from one centralized office.

Selected active strategic partners and sponsors who are embedded on campus include:


We also work closely with local, regional, and federal organizations and institutions to advance our knowledge enterprise, conduct applied research, and develop real-world solutions


Recognized Pillars

UTSA students and faculty have already done significant research in our recognized research pillars including cyber, biomedicine, brain health, data analytics, space systems, national security, smart infrastructure, social and health disparities, culture and language, and more.

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Exceptional Research Infrastructure

Home to 32 research centers and institutes, over a dozen research cores, hundreds of specialized laboratories, including two BSL3 labs, and exceptional faculty and students, UTSA is poised to tackle any research problem or challenge.

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For partnership opportunities in research and discovery, contact:

JoAnn Browning, Ph.D., P.E.

Interim Vice President

The Office of Research
Christine Burke, Ph.D.


Commercialization & Innovation

Focus: Licensing and Commercialization

Siobhan Fleming, Ph.D.

Senior Director

Faculty Research Development

Focus: Centers & Institutes and Research Interest Groups


Assistant Vice President

The Office of Research

Focus: Corporate and Foundation Engagement