Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars

The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) recognizes the value that visiting scholars and researchers bring to UTSA. Such visits foster collaboration, diversity, and professional relationships, enrich the academic environment, and enhance UTSA’s mission of excellence and innovation in teaching, research and community service.

UTSA Faculty and Staff may invite qualified individuals to visit UTSA on a temporary basis to participate in scholarship activities or to perform research. Departments, centers, faculty, researchers, and administrators at UTSA who intend to invite or host visitors on a temporary basis should follow the guidelines and processes provided under HOP 1.34, Visiting Scholars and Researchers.

This policy does not apply to potential Visitors who are a:

  • Guest visiting UTSA solely as a speaker or trainer,
  • UTSA employee (faculty and staff),
  • Faculty member receiving a Visiting Professor title listed in HOP policy 2.02, Faculty Appointments and Titles, Section IX.A.2.l,
  • Registered UTSA student, or
  • Student participating in an organized educational program governed by another HOP policy

In addition, the government’s rules and regulations change frequently, and immigration and hiring processes can be highly complex. Please contact the Office of International Programs, at (210) 458-8510 prior to initiate the invitation process. Short-term visitors may not eligible under B-1 status (tourism, pleasure or visiting visa) if the individual:

  • Is a student or other non-professional (in most cases);
  • Will engage in collaborative research and/or teaching efforts;
  • Will be employed in the United States;
  • Will receive from UTSA, or some other U.S. funding source, “any salary, wage, honorarium, stipend, or other form of compensation for services rendered


These Guidelines are intended to assist Hosts and Host Units implement the requirements described in HOP 1.34, Visiting Scholars and Researchers, and follow related university procedures. Please refer to HOP 1.34 for the definitions of terms used in this document.

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Submit the Person of Interest (POI) Form (PDF) and required documentation to ORI (U.S. and non-U.S. visiting researchers without a UTSA Visa Sponsorship), if applicable.  Please visit the Non-Benefits Eligible Employment Website for more information.

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The purpose of this form is to establish administrative approval of a Visiting Scholar/Researcher and must be submitted to ORI ONLY IF the sponsor is not submitting a Person of Interest (POI) Form to HR.

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The Host Unit is responsible for the supervision of the Visiting Scholar/Researcher’s activities within the department for the entire duration of the visit. The Host unit may use this agreement to address issues related to the visit. The agreement form documents each of these specific, significant issues that the Host Unit must address (and the form captures the agreement of both the department and the Visitor for same), including but not limited to:

  • Description of activities and proposed timeline
  • Assumption of risk and waiver of liability
  • Granting of facilities access
  • Use of equipment, supplies and services
  • Appropriate lab safety orientation, and other hazards
  • Intellectual property and confidentiality
  • Required health insurance
  • Compliance (Export Controls, Training, Conflict of Interests, etc.)
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