Laboratory Safety Division

Laboratory Safety Division

The Division of Laboratory Safety is a resource of highly-trained safety professionals who serve the UTSA research and instructional laboratory community. We are dedicated to reducing injuries, accidents, and environmental impact and ensuring compliance through the recognition, evaluation and control of potential hazards arising from laboratory-related activities. We achieve this by providing high-quality training, comprehensive laboratory evaluations, hazardous materials management and managing regulatory information.

Meet the Team

Anthony Vallejo, CSP, CHSP, CHMM


Laboratory Safety & Hazardous Materials Management
Richard M. Garza

Asst. Director

Expertise: Hazardous Materials
Quy Fung

Radiation & Laser Safety Coordinator

Expertise: Radiation & Laser Safety, Biosafety
Keith Slater

Hazardous Materials Management Coordinator

Expertise: Hazardous Materials
Luke Salazar

Hazardous Materials Management Specialist III

Expertise: Hazardous Materials
Cynthia Galindo, ASP, CSP

Physical & Engineering Safety Coordinator

Expertise: Physical Safety, Field Safety, Biosafety
Mohammad Siddiqur Rahman Khan, MS

Biosafety Officer

Expertise: Biosafety, IBC, IACUC, Research & Safety Committees, Regulatory Compliance, Training & Exercises
Yulissa Stevens

Hazardous Materials Management Specialist I

Expertise: Hazardous Materials
Felipe Villanueva, MS

Chemical Safety Specialist

Expertise: Chemical Safety, Chemical Inventory, Controlled Substances (DEA), Field Safety
Kimberly Moore

Laboratory Safety Specialist I

Expertise: Biosafety, Biosafety Cabinets, Instructional Laboratories
Adrian Ambriz

Hazardous Materials Management Specialist I

Expertise: Hazardous Materials