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The Office of Research Integrity assists the UTSA community with compliance with federal and UT requirements related to export controls. Determining if an activity is subject to export control regulations can be complex and complicated. The Office of Research Integrity is committed to helping UTSA become a premier public research institution by supporting openness in research and promoting successful international collaborations while ensuring the University’s diligent compliance with these laws and regulations.


The export of certain items, technologies software, and services is regulated for reasons of national security, foreign policy, prevention of the spread of weapons of mass destruction, and for competitive trade reasons. Export control laws restrict the shipment, transmission or transfer of certain items, software, technology and services from the United States to foreign countries, as well as “deemed exports” which are releases of controlled physical items or controlled information to foreign nationals located in the United States. Export Control Regulations involve multiple departments of the Federal Government. The three major sets of Regulations include:

  1. The Export Administration Regulations (EAR), administered by the Department of Commerce, which regulate the export of dual-use technologies listed on the Commerce Control List;
  2. The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), administered by the Department of State, which regulate the export of military technologies listed on the United States Munitions List (USML); and
  3. The Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC), administered by the Department of Treasury, which includes trade sanctions and embargoes.

Consequences for violations of Export Control Regulations are severe and can result in civil and criminal charges against the individual researcher and the University. New HOP policy 10.01 – Export Controls is now available on the HOP website. This policy applies to all activities in which UTSA resources are used. All UTSA employees are responsible for complying with this Policy as well as any procedures implementing this Policy.


Click here to review key terms that are fundamental to export controls.


  • The UTSA Export Control Compliance Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) (PDF) describes the essential aspects of the laws and regulations concerning exports, confirm UTSA’s policy for export control compliance, and explain how the university will provide our researchers and staff with the assistance they may need to ensure compliance with these complicated laws.
  • Some announcements and awards may include challenging and unacceptable clauses. The Office of Sponsored Project Administration and the Principal Investigator should conduct a thorough review of the contract provisions to determine whether and, if so how, a particular research project is impacted by any clause. Click here for a summary of most commonly encountered troublesome clauses.

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UTSA Export Control Training
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