General Information

UTSA may be required to obtain an export license from the Commerce Department or State Department for shipments of commodities, software and proprietary technology outside of the United States. Failure to obtain the appropriate license or other government approval, or failure to file correct export documentation or shipping documents can result in severe fines and other penalties.

University personnel who engage in international shipping are responsible for ensuring compliance with U.S. export control laws. The Office of Research Integrity will provide support for any international shipping. Before shipping any item outside of the U.S. contact ORI and request an activity assessment to determine:

  • Commodity Jurisdiction (item to be shipped falls under EAR or ITAR)
  • Classification or applicable control category (U.S. Munitions List or Commerce Control List)
  • Licensing requirements (specific license requirements, possible license exceptions, license application)
  • If the country of destination is NOT subject to embargo or sanction and the End-User is not on the “restricted-party” list.

University employees can submit the Export Control Related Activity Assessment Request (PDF) form in order to initiate this process.

Additional Tips

  • Defense articles and associated technical data listed on the International Traffic in-Arms Regulations (ITAR) always requires a license and will not be shipped outside of the U.S.
  • Commodities controlled under the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) do not always require a license, depending upon the country to which the item is being shipped.
  • Classification and export licenses application can take several months for processing time. It is critical to make the license determination as soon as possible to avoid program delays.
  • The Office of Research Integrity is not a shipping department. Contact your department if you need information on how to arrange freight services, payments, etc.
  • Review UTSA Procedures on Shipping Biological, Chemical and Radiological Materials (PDF) if you are shipping these materials.