Sustainable Pervasive Urban Resilience at UTSA

Sustainable Pervasive Urban Resilience at UTSA


Devoted to Sustainable Pervasive Urban Resilience, SPUR is a university, government, and industry collaboration to develop transformational technologies for one of today’s most pressing societal problems:

Engineering urban ecosystems to achieve sustainable growth while improving the safety and well-being of residents.

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Urban Growth  

In 2019, 82% of the US and 55% of the global population lived in densely populated urban areas. Our largest cities are becoming “too big to fail” because the wellbeing of residents is highly dependent on the operability of critical infrastructures and vulnerable supply chains. Disruptions to these critical systems affect a disproportionally large number of people, require overwhelming amounts of resources to address, and have a large economic impact.

Challenges surrounding sustainable growth and economic equity will become increasingly acute as the projected percentage of the population living in urban centers increases to 90% in the US and 68% of the worldwide by 2050.

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Stephanie Rivale, PhD

Senior Grant Development Coordinator

College of Engineering
Adolfo Matamoros, PhD, PE, fACI

Principal Investigator | Peter T. Flawn Professor

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering