Safety Committees

Safety Committees

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)

The UTSA Institutional Biosafety Committee is a registered committee with the National Institutes of Health. This Committee reviews research protocols that involve potentially biohazardous materials and agents, recombinant and synthetic nucleic acids and the use of tissue isolated from vertebrates. The purpose of these reviews is to ensure that all activities involving these materials, and the facilities used to conduct such work, are in compliance with all applicable external regulations and University policies. The IBC is composed of UTSA research faculty, representatives from the UTSA Office of Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management and community members outside the University.


Chemical Safety Committee (CSC)

The Chemical Safety Committee (CSC) reviews and approves applications for the safe receipt, use, storage and disposal of specified hazardous chemicals and toxins of non-biologic origin, and reviews and advises on engineering controls and personal protective equipment relative to chemical and toxic hazards. Please click here to review the list of chemicals that requires submission of a CSC application.
If you have any questions pertaining to, or are requiring Chemical Waste Pick-up, please visit the Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management site


Radiation & Laser Safety Committee (RLSC)

The Radiation and Laser Safety Committee (RLSC) monitors and reviews the activities with regard to the use of radioactive materials and other forms of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation; exercises approval authority of all proposals; and oversees compliance with all requirements for maintenance of records for the review, approval and monitoring of the licensing, purchase, shipment, storage, use and disposal of radioactive materials and sources of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. The committee also monitors and reviews all work on campus involving the use of lasers.


Contact Staff

Dianna Olukotun

Biosafety Officer
P: (210) 458-5807
Location: GSR 2.128A