Minimum Sample Input Guidelines

Please submit all samples in 1.5mL tubes clearly labeled on the top and side of the tubes. If you are using 96 well plates (recommended for >24 samples) then the samples must be clearly labeled on the side of the plate and include the total number of samples. We recommend labeling the samples with the following information:

  • Investigator/Lab name
  • Date
  • Sample Name
  • iLab Request ID UTSAGC-##-### (if available)

DNA/RNA samples can be resuspended in nuclease-free water, Low TE, or other common storage solution. Cells should be resuspended in PBS with 0.5% BSA or 5% FBS, other compatible buffers/media can be found in the 10x Genomics Cell Preparation Guide.

Sample Type Service Amount Volume
DNA Eukaryotic Whole Genome Sequencing >5 ng/uL >5 ng/uL
DNA Bacterial Whole Genome Sequencing or 16S Sequencing >3 ng/uL >20 uL
DNA DNA QC 1-50 ng/uL >10 uL
RNA 3’ mRNA- Sequenicng 40-200 ng/uL >20 uL
RNA Total RNA-Sequencing 25-125 ng/uL >20 uL
RNA RNA QC 1-25 ng/uL >10 uL
Cells or Nuclei 10x Genomics Single-Cell RNAseq/ATACseq/Multiome 50,000 cells <50 uL
Premade NGS Libraries MiSeq >4 nM >10uL
Premade NGS Libraries NovaSeq S4 Lane >4nM >50uL
Premade NGS Libraries NovaSeq S4 Partial Lane >10nM >15 uL

Sample Retention Policy

Original sample materials will be disposed upon completion of the project. For 10x Genomics, or other single-cell services, live cells will be sanitized in 10% bleach and disposed after cell capture. If you wish to have the samples returned to you, we can accommodate but we must know in advance, and your lab may be responsible for shipping & handling costs.

Data Transfer Policy

We offer data sharing via OneDrive, Illumina BaseSpace, UTSA’s Computing Cluster-ARC, or saving and shipping on external hard drive or flash drives. Data will be available for download for 30 days before it is archived for long-term storage. If you need access to your data you can always request an additional download link.

Data Retention Policy

Data generated by the Genomics Core will be saved for 5 years after completion of the service request before it is eligible for deletion. The investigator or project contact will be notified before the data is deleted, and the investigator has the option to extend the data retention. There may be additional costs to retain data longer than 5 years, which we be discussed on a case-by-case basis. This does not apply to data generated by trained users, who are responsible for saving their data at the time of their reservation.