Research Staff


Postdoctoral researcher or Postdoc

The definition of a postdoc varies by institution. Please use your institution’s definition of a postdoc. NSF defines a postdoc as meeting both of the following qualifications:

  1. Holds a recent doctoral degree, generally awarded within the last 5-7 years, such as:
    1. PhD or PhD-equivalent (e.g., ScD or DEng)
    2. Professional degree in a medical or related field (MD, DDS, DO, DVM)
    3. Foreign degree equivalent to a U.S. doctoral degree
  2. Has a limited-term appointment, generally no more than 5–7 years:
    1. Primarily for training in research or scholarship
    2. Working under the supervision of a senior scholar in a unit affiliated with your institution

Fixed Term Track Faculty Researchers

All doctorate-holding researchers who are:

  1. Involved principally in science and engineering or health-related research activities. Units are often departments, institutes, centers, laboratories or degree programs. Also referred to as Other Doctorate-Holding Nonfaculty Researchers.
    1. Examples include:
      1. Assistant Professor of Research, Associate Professor of Research and Professor of Research
      2. Research Scientist
      3. Research Fellow
      4. Visiting Assistant Professor, Visiting Associate Professor and Visiting Professor

Research Support

Positions where the incumbent holds a doctoral degree and the position activities directly support the research knowledge enterprise.

  1. Examples include:
    1. VPAA: Institutional Research (IR) Analysts and IR leadership positions (Director, Associate Vice Provost); Assistant Vice Provost Academic Initiatives
    2. Director of Research Computing, Enterprise Research Solutions Engineer
    3. Research Compliance Coordinator