Training Policies

  • All users must undergo designated safety and instrumentation training before having access to the facility.
  • Users are granted access to the facility and tools for which the User is trained to use independently.
  • Training consists of the observation of instrument operation and hands-on experience upon which a User obtains a Trained (T) Status. A User is trained upon he/she demonstrates the capability of operating a tool independently as confirmed by KAMC staff.
  • An official qualification is required for the Users who have experience on a similar tool obtained at another institution. KAMC staff grants the qualification. Criteria: The User can operate a tool independently as per the verification of KAMC staff.
  • Both training and qualification must be done by KAMC staff.
  • Under no circumstances should the User lend their UTSA ID card to another individual or grant the unauthorized user access to the imaging center. Any unauthorized access to instrumentation will result in the suspension of all user privileges.
  • Users are prohibited from sharing their User Name/Password and scheduling time for another user. KAMC reserves the right to deny future access to the Users in the event of misconduct.
  • An advanced reservation is recommended for instruments listed in iLab.
  • Users are required to properly log in and out of the instrument via iLab. Any misconduct regarding using equipment without logging into iLab will result in revoking access.
    • Trained (T) is a User who completed training and can independently operate the equipment as confirmed by KAMC staff.


Training Strucutre